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Building, Roofing & uPVC Works...

Whether it's a small or large extension, a new conservatory or garage a new roof or replacement soffits & fascias or a complete house Maidstone Landscapes and Property Services can help make your dreams & ideas come to life.

Our team of skilled workmen use only the best materials and methods to create the results you want. No job is too small or too big and ALL our works are carried out to a high standard, taking care and pride at all times. We also try to keep any disruption to our clients to a minimum and leave sites clean and tidy.

We provide a friendly, professional service from first contact to last.

We will provide our clients with a no obligation FREE detailed written estimate for any works you may be considering from design to completion.

The following list should give you an idea of the range of work we can undertake; it is not an exhaustive list so if there is something you are interested in that is not on the list please give us a call.

♦ Drives
♦ Patios
♦ Tarmacadam
♦ Block Paving
♦ Kitchens
♦ Bathrooms
♦ Floor Tiles
♦ Wall Tiles
♦ Concrete Bases
♦ Crazy Paving
♦ Stone Paving
♦ Sheds
♦ Summer Houses
♦ Brick Walls
♦ Stone Walls ♦ Porches
♦ uPvc windows/doors
♦ Conservatories ♦ Plastering
♦ Cladding
♦ Plumbing
♦ Carpentry
♦ Decorating
♦ Carpets
♦ Garage Doors

Below you will find some example of some of the many projects we have worked on over the years. Have a look and judge for yourself about the quality of our work which is backed by our membership of the UK Trades Confederation. Just click on the thumbnail picture to view a larger version and start a slideshow of all the images.

If you are interested in Maidstone Landscapes & Property Services undertaking some work for you on your property then either give us a call on 01622 851222 / 07786 070107 or email us at or fill in our enquiry form by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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